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A message from Team TransPaw Gear®

Hello, savvy dog-lover! Thank you for visiting our TransPaw Gear® website.

We are thrilled to announce that we’re nearing completion of our TransPaw Gear® dog harness. We just need to finalize a few details, including launching our official brand new website. This means we are one step closer to getting it into your hands – and onto your dog’s body.

Although there have been many obstacles, it’s all been well worth it. We’ve been test-driving it ourselves and are very happy with how the harness fits and functions. All of our test models, including our own Ringo Starr,  seem to be very comfortable with it too.

You may contact us directly for any questions – or just to connect! Cheers and woofs to you and your inquisitive canine! ~ Team TransPaw Gear®

Last updated August 17, 2017