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Introducing The Happy Harness™

Take charge of the welfare, safety, and comfort of your inquisitive canine.

Created by Joan Hunter Mayer, a certified professional dog trainer and behavior consultant, the Happy Harness is designed to enhance the human-canine bond. This multi-functional, form-fitting, humane harness is easy to put on and helps ensure that every outing is a positive experience.

As a certified professional dog trainer, I have seen and used a variety of harnesses for walking dogs, but I hadn’t come across anything that addressed the needs many pet parents want – myself included.  As both a trainer and dog mom, I wanted to create a harness that was so comfortable the dog would never want to take it off, yet still be functional, giving owners’ confidence when using it. 
~Joan Hunter Mayer, creator, The Happy Harness®
No matter the size or age of your pet, the Happy Harness is the ideal device for walking your dog, allowing you to harness fun!

Pawsitive Benefits

  • Multiple locations for leash attachment, providing you with choices to match the activity.
  • Front clip helps decrease pulling.
  • Back clip for traditional walking and other activities.
  • Escape-proof! Easily adjustable straps that buckle with a smooth connection for a custom fit.
  • Pro-dog: Your inquisitive canine can move freely with special comfortable support behind the upper area of the front legs and snug shoulders fit.
  • Pro-people: Simple to put on your dog, and take off, too.
  • Water-friendly so it’s easy to wash and wipe clean – feel free to let your pup run amok and be a dog!

Fetch Yours!

Not just a harness, but a cultural shift!

While the TransPaw Gear® Happy Harness ensures an easy, enjoyable, bonding walking experience, it’s also our goal to help move society forward into a mutually respectful space between dogs and humans – thereby creating a positive cultural shift.

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