Unleash the Love- Celebrate National Love Your Pet Day

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Unleash the Love- Celebrate National Love Your Pet Day

Pet lovers, did you know there’s an actual day devoted to spoiling our pets? “The unofficial holiday has seen an uptick in recent years as more and more people adopt furry, scaly, and tailed members into their families,” states a recent article devoted to National Love Your Pet Day. Check out the post for a fun history of people and pets and some inspiration for National Love Your Pet Day activities on Saturday, February 20, 2021. 

How will you be pampering your pooches this month? Here’s some food for thought. And, yes, food definitely makes the list too (twice)!

  • Grab this opportunity to Harness the Joy of Giving and buy your dog a shiny new Happy Harness, our uniquely designed, multi-functional dog harness that promotes the welfare and safety of dogs everywhere.
  • Take that new pet gear for a spin! Be one step ahead and celebrate National Walking the Dog Day  (February 22nd) a little early. The nationaltoday.com post on this fun holiday, reminds us, “Walking the dog offers an opportunity for dogs and their people to connect while exploring the neighborhood together.” What a great way to further the pawsitive culture shift, we’re always striving for here at TransPaw Gear. 
  • Then kick it up another notch by upping your treat game while out and about. “Dogs love their treats, and one special way of rewarding them on this day is by providing a unique dog snack for them during their walk. Keep some treats in your pocket for spontaneous snack breaks or reward them with a favorite snack at home,” recommends the National Walking the Dog Day post.
  • And remember to think out of the box (of dog treats). Dr. Deborah Linder, a board-certified veterinary nutritionist and head of the Tufts Obesity Clinic for Animals also has some suggestions for getting creative with food rewards, “Instead of commonly used treats like hot dogs, deli meats, cheese, etc., try to first experiment with low calorie foods such as small pieces of fruits and vegetables like crunchy cucumbers or blueberries…” And healthy does not have to mean boring she explains, “Variety can help keep things interesting.” (Linder, 2020). For additional ideas for safe and healthy treats for your dog, check with your veterinarian.

At TransPaw Gear our purpose is to bark with the dogs, cheer for the humans, and have fun! So, these two national holidays are a pawfect excuse for people and pets to unleash adventures together (as if you needed an excuse).

Here’s to harnessing fun and enhancing the human-canine bond!


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