TransPaw Gear Owner and Founder to Present at International Event for Pet Professionals

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TransPaw Gear founder, inventor and entrepreneur, Joan Hunter Mayer, will be presenting at the Pet Professional Guild’s virtual summit, Geek Week: For the Love of Science.

The host organization, The Pet Professional Guild (PPG), is an international membership association that represents professionals from the pet care industry committed to results based, science based, ethical pet training and care. In other words: no shock, no prong, no choke, no pain, no force, no fear. PPG members agree that aversive methods should not be used as part of any training (or behavior modification) program. Mayer’s TransPaw Gear became a PPG Corporate Sponsor in February 2020 as these values are very much at the core of her Company’s Culture.

This year, PPG’s annual educational summit will be a virtual Geek Week event for animal lovers working in the fields of pet care, animal behavior and training. And guardians who want to ‘geek out’ about their pets are invited too! Over the course of five days, November 11-15, 2020, PPG, partnering with six other organizations, will be presenting, “more than 130 sessions delivered by 85 world class presenters …24 hours a day” according to the event’s website. 

Certified professional dog trainer and TransPaw Gear founder, Joan Hunter Mayer, who invented the Happy Harness force-free pet harness and holds an MBA from Antioch University Santa Barbara, will be presenting a webinar at Geek Week entitled Business Planning Basics: Tapping into Your Entrepreneurial Talents. She will be offering a simple, practical, functional approach to business planning for anyone who wants to help others with a new product or idea, has a passion for creating change or has a creative solution to an existing problem. When asked if her Geek Week presentation is for dog geeks only, Mayer replied, “Being that this webinar is business planning focused, I’d say those who are looking to start a business, established business owners who might be interested in getting motivated to revamp their businesses, small business owners and business nerds could all benefit. I will often use dog-related businesses as examples though.” 

If you are an animal lover, entrepreneur or “business nerd” and are interested in learning more about Geek Week or would like to purchase tickets to the event, more information is available here.

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