The Right Harness Can Help you Unleash Adventures with your Pup!

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TransPaw Gear is on a mission to empower dogs and humans to have a deeper, more connected relationship, one Happy Harness at a time.

The right harness can help you unleash adventures with your pup! 

Here a few tips from the TransPaw Gear Team!

Think outside your usual walking routine — try a different route, new neighborhood, different pace or side your dog usually walks on. Novelty is key and simple to achieve just by mixing it up a bit.

Explore a new sport or activity — A rousing game of tug or fetch, recall games, or even K9 Nose Work. Remember, the Happy Harness is lightweight and versatile enough for work and play, and oh so simple to fit, put on, and take off

K9 Nose Work dog sport - TransPaw Gear Dog Harness
Piper wearing her Happy Harness during K9 Nose Work

Enjoy some fun-in-the-sun — and water or even mud! Whether you’re caught in a summer rain, washing the car, or your dog just found the most amazing mud puddle, be confident knowing that our harness materials are water-friendly. (Sorry we can’t help you with your dirty dog, but at least the harness is easy to wash! Just use mild soap and allow to air dry.)

TransPaw Gear Happy Harness - New Walking Route
Archie Harnessing Fun on a New Walking Route

We are proud to be part of a cultural shift and want to remind everyone that our 100% force-free products have been designed by a certified professional dog trainer to be dog-friendly while providing pet guardians peace of mind. 

Questions or comments about TransPaw Gear? We love connecting with our TransPaw community! We invite you to contact us today with any questions.

Wags & Woofs From,

The TransPaw Team

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