The Best Running Accessories for You and Your Dog

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Successful employers know that providing their employees with the right tools for the job is essential for the growth and welfare of their companies. Personally, for example, when designing the Happy Harness, it wasn’t just about making sure the manufacturer I worked with had the right tools for producing my products — it was also about designing a harness that made adventuring with canines more efficient and safe, while saving pet parents money. (It’s like three harnesses in one!) This philosophy, of providing the right tools for the job — and a little extra – can relate to other endeavors too, even those outside of the workplace. 

As a runner, I usually unplug from the world and use the time as my “me time.” It’s my meditation. I like to get lost in my thoughts, look around and appreciate my surroundings, say hello to neighbors, doggies, and fellow runners, problem-solve, and even come up with new harness designs. What else does this mean? I head out my door with nothing but my watch (because I like to collect data), and an appreciation that I’m still able to run. 

I have found that on those days when it’s been really hot or I’m going for a longer distance, it would be nice to have my phone and/or some water with me. But I hadn’t found the right tools to make this happen. The packs that I had were bulky, bounced a lot, or just felt uncomfortable. Hoping the choices for quality items would change, I’m always keeping my eyes open for quality “tools” that can make my life easier and more comfortable while out for a run or while unleashing adventures with my dog Ringo. Thankfully, it finally happened!!! 

Not only did I discover one item, I found a second one also. Two separate companies, two separate products, and both are now part of my essential running gear collection. Because I appreciate these items and the companies* who have produced them, I wanted to share them here with the TransPaw Gear family. I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say, if you enjoy the Happy Harness, then you’ll likely have an interest in these items as well — whether you’re a runner or not. 

The Koala Clip. The perfect little phone pouch that was designed to be clipped on the inside of a jog bra (on the back) or waistband. No longer will you need pockets to carry your phone! And, the best part is, it doesn’t bounce!!! Really and truly! Seriously! My first outing when I tested it was an 11-miler and it didn’t bounce at all. Designed by Kristina Powell, a runner who wanted to solve the “I don’t have a pocket and everything bounces” problems, she indeed reached her goal. The original Koala Clip is lightweight, easy to clean, and functional! I can now carry my phone (and a mask) while running, working with dog training clients, or romping with Ringo. 

Joan Hunter Mayer Running and Unleashing Adventures Wearing a Koala Clip
Joan Hunter Mayer on a Training Run Wearing Her Koala Clip

For longer runs, when I want to bring water with me, I came across the Fitly brand, the maker of what is now my new favorite hydration pack. It offers a sleek, lightweight, secure fit, is fully functional, and has all of the essentials. I’m able to carry water, my phone, nutrition gels, and even smaller items I might want to bring with me (dog treats, mask, handkerchief). Like the Koala Clip, the Fitly pack doesn’t bounce — nor does it chafe, which is a big plus. Similar to TransPaw Gear and Koala Clip, the Fitly products were designed by entrepreneurs who were familiar with their industry-specific products on the market, problems they wanted to solve, and the determination to solve them. 

Joan Hunter Mayer Wearing Fitly Running Pack During Training Run
Joan Hunter Mayer Wearing a Fitly Pack During a Training Run

Although my running adventures are still primarily low-tech, it is nice to have these essential tools standing by for those times I do want to pack a few things to take with me. I know I’ll be comfortable, safe, and able to harness fun! 

*TransPaw Gear, Joan Hunter Mayer, nor anyone associated with the TransPaw Gear company is being sponsored or compensated in any way by either Koala Clip or Fitly Run companies. We just really like the products, the folks who own and run the companies, and their respective missions. 

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