Selecting and Fitting a TransPaw Gear Dog Harness

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Choosing the Right Size Dog Walking Harness

Need help selecting the correct size of dog walking harness? Our size chart will help. Use a cloth measuring tape to measure for the neck strap and girth (chest) strap. Take the neck strap measurement below where your dog’s collar would sit, right around where their neck meets their shoulders. For the girth strap, measure around your dog’s ribcage, a couple of inches behind their “armpits” (behind their front legs).

Once you have these measurements, compare the results to the size chart. If you are unsure what size to order after measuring your dog, contact us. We are happy to help!.

How to Adjust the Fit of the Dog Walking Harness

To ensure your dog is comfortable, and to create that custom fit, adjust the straps before you go on your first adventure with your dog. To do this, begin with one side of the neck straps already connected, and bring the other front section around your dog’s neck, like you’re putting on a collar, then clasp the buckles. Adjust to make this opening larger or smaller as needed. You can do this with the harness on or off your dog, whichever is easier for you and them. Remember, when properly fitted, the neck strap of the dog walking harness should sit a couple of inches behind your dog’s collar, close to where their neck meets their shoulders.

Next, bring the chest plate between your dog’s front legs and clip the girth strap buckles on each side. Adjust these straps so the girth fits snuggly a couple of inches behind your dog’s front legs. Again, do this with the harness on or off the dog, depending on your comfort and theirs.

Putting It On to Unleash Adventures

Now that your dog’s harness is fitted properly, whenever you want to put it on, simply start with one of the neck straps buckled, and then fasten the other around your dog’s neck like you would a collar. Bring the chest plate up between their front legs and fasten both girth straps. Off you go!

Keeping the Fit Right

Your Transpaw Gear Harness is the best dog walking harness out there, and to keep it working optimally, you should inspect it regularly for wear and tear, as well as changing fit. As your dog’s weight fluctuates and their body changes with age, you may need to readjust the straps to ensure a proper fit for the harness. Follow our care instructions to maximize the life of your TransPaw Gear Harness.

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