TransPaw Gear® Happy Harness™ 2.0

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The TransPaw Gear® Happy Harness is our uniquely designed, patent-pending, multi-functional best dog harness for walking that promotes the welfare and safety of dogs while providing an innovative product for pet parents, dog lovers, and animal advocates. Multiple attachment points for the leash, escape-proof, easy to adjust for a custom fit, designed for freedom of movement – and, it’s water-friendly! Check out our photo gallery to see our customers harness fun!

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The Best Dog Harness for Walking and More!

Unique Features and Best Dog Harness for Walking Benefits are:

  • Multiple locations for leash attachment, providing you with choices to match the activity.
  • Front-clip helps decrease pulling.
  • Back-clip for traditional walking and other activities.
  • Escape-proof! Easily adjustable straps that close with a smooth connection for a custom fit.
  • Pro-dog: Your dog can move freely with special comfortable support behind the upper area of the front legs and secure shoulder fit, without rubbing or chaffing.
  • Pro-people: Simple to put on and take off of your dog.
  • Water-friendly so it’s easy to wash and wipe clean – feel free to let your pup run amok and be a dog!

Built into every harness is:

  • FUN, the most important part of functional.
  • An opportunity to enhance the human-canine bond.
  • New opportunities for amazing outdoor adventures.
  • A positive, comfortable, compassionate experience for humans and dogs alike – together we’re changing the culture of dog walking and training!


  • Some dogs are larger/smaller than average for their breed (or mixed breed) so please measure your dog’s body as outlined on our How to Measure page, in order to get the most accurate size.
  • Many dog harness brands have different measurements for their sizes, so a “small” from a different brand may not fit the same as our “small” size.
  • Check out the examples or our dog models and their sizes on our Ambassadogs page. 

Sizing Chart
For additional sizing, care and fit help, click here.

Harness Size Front Opening Circumference Girth Opening Circumference Chest Plate Length Back Plate Length Chest Plate Width (at D-ring)
XS 11″ – 13″ 13″ – 16″ 5″ 4″ 1.5″
S 12″ – 14″ 16″ – 20″ 7″ 5″ 2″
M 15″ – 17″ 18″- 23″ 8″ 6″ 2.5″
L 18″ – 21″ 24″ – 33″ 11″ 7″ 3″
XL 21″ – 24″ 27″ – 37″ 13″ 8″ 3.5″

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12 reviews for TransPaw Gear® Happy Harness™ 2.0

  1. Linda

    TransPaw harness is perfect for my 2 Min Pins! It provides security for both of them and me. My female Min Pin, Penny, is a contortionist and get out of any harness except TransPaw. When we walk, we feel confident, safe and proud and that is worth the price.

  2. Peter

    We have a very active, energetic Australian shepherd that was constantly pulling at the leash no matter what we did. After putting the Transpaw harness on her the problem disappeared. We just use the eye ring below her neck to attach the leash to. It was a simple as that. We now all enjoy our walks much more now.

  3. Tim

    I’ve been so pleased with the purchase of this harness. As a dog trainer, I frequently fit dogs with harnesses and I’ve examined many. Some wear our fast, others fit the dogs in uncomfortable spots or pull in ways that concern me about the long-term impact on the dog. The TransPaw harness is perfect in these regards. My own dog now wears hers everywhere we go on leash and I can’t possibly offer a higher endorsement than to put it on my own pup.

  4. Harriet

    I wish I had known about this harness before wasting money on 2 others my terrier hated. Since she has been wearing the happy harness walking is easier and I don’t feel like I am hurting her pulling on her collar. She wears it all day and is fine. My neighbors have asked where I got it and I always tell them transpaw gear.

  5. Shane Hampson

    The Transpaw Gear Happy Harness is easily the most dog friendly dog harness Summit and I have ever used. Summit is an Australian Shepherd and weights about 70 lbs, he easily and comfortable fits in a size large. I have used many different dog walking harnesses and dog training harnesses from the time Summit was a puppy until recently when I discovered the Happy Harness. Summit was never really comfortable in any dog walking harnesses and always preferred a basic collar and leash. Now, we go on walks, hikes and even catches frisbees in the happy harness. It truly is the most comfortable dog harness ever made! Thank you TransPaw Gear!

  6. Lee Morrow

    I was very impressed by the customer service! I felt it went above and beyond today’s usual level.
    I foster a Bulldog mix who has an unusual body type (and is a difficult fit). Unfortunately the TransPaw harness did not fit her; but I had help all along the way. It started with double-checking the fit/measurements, to a phone call response to my email inquiring how to send in a return, and even an emailed confirmation that they had received the return and processed it!

    • Joan the Dog Coach

      Thank you for the accolades, Lee. We’re sorry to hear that the Happy Harness didn’t fit your foster, but we do appreciate you giving it a try. Please stay-tuned for other products! Until then…here’s to unleashing adventures!

  7. Jill Atamian Hall

    Some people buy a lot of shoes, I buy a lot of dog harnesses. After finding Transpaw Gear Happy Harness I can stop shopping harnesses. This harness is well made and fits my 1 year old German Shepherd Dog beautifully. Whitney is a 70 pound GSD and wears an XL. I feel confident she will not slip out of this harness and I am very happy with how it looks on her. Thank you Transpaw Gear for taking the time to research what makes a harness functional and fabulous. You nailed it!

    • Joan the Dog Coach

      Jill and Whitney — thank you for the accolades. We are thrilled you like your Happy Harness! Here’s to harnessing fun, in all your adventures.

  8. Catherine

    Thank you TransPaw Gear Happy Harness for such a great product! I can’t even remember how many harnesses I went through trying to find a good fit for my small rescue dog, Luna. We tried so many, and spent lots as a result, that she managed to escape from or chew through, leading to lots of frustration and anxiety. Then came along the TransPaw Gear Happy Harness! We have had ours for well over a year and it has easily withstood all our adventures in sun, rain, sand, and snow! The harness fits Luna perfectly and I feel confident that she will not escape it, leading to much better outings for everyone. I can’t speak highly enough about this well-made and well-designed product, every dog deserves a TransPaw Gear Happy Harness!

  9. Sharon Organista

    Love the Transpaw Gear harness. You have much more control of your dog with it than other harnesses. Its very comfortable for the dog and can either be a front clip or back clip. I prefer the front as the dog doesn’t pull to sniff or greet other people or dogs. I also love the grip on top to hold the dog in place if needed. It won’t throw you off balance. All and all its the best harness around and very well made. For me I have a large golden and she can be very hard to hold but with the Transpaw Gear harness its not a problem. Overall it give it a 6 star! Don’t waste your money on other products because this one will deliver what it advertises.

  10. Brigitte Englahner

    Looking forward to using it

  11. Renée & Neeko (verified owner)

    We are so happy to have found the perfect harness for Neeko (our new 8-year old rescue) and her person! She is 70+ lbs strong and is always in search of food, but this harness has already made a difference in how we walk together. There is much less pulling, she is clearly comfortable and I am happy and enjoy our walks so much more.
    I was completely impressed with Joan and her customer service. Joan went out of her way to help us with the perfect fit. Thank you Joan for caring for dogs and people.
    I highly recommend TransPawGear.

  12. Joan Proudfoot

    This is the perfect harness for my one year old very active golden retriever. It fits well and has been easy to adjust as he starts to fill out. Being able to attach a leash under his neck or behind is an added bonus. It is the best harness I have ever used and I believe the most comfortable for my dog. I had a little problem with one of the clasps and TransPaw immediately provided a new harness. I highly recommend them.

    • TransPaw Gear

      Joan – thank you so much for the accolades. We are thrilled to hear that you and your pup like the harness! That’s wonderful to hear. And, we are glad we were able to make everything right. Cheers to you and your canine companion – here’s to harnessing fun!

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