TransPaw Gear® Original Harness




The TransPaw Gear® Harness is our uniquely designed, patent pending, multi-functional dog harness that promotes the welfare and safety of dogs, while providing an innovative product for pet parents, dog lovers, and animal advocates.

Features and  benefits are:

  • Front clip: Helps to decrease pulling
  • Back clip: Walking & other activities
  • Adjustable straps: Comfortable canine fit, easy for humans to put on their dogs
  • Upper front legs: Special support
  • Shoulders: Custom secure fit

Built into every harness is:

  • FUN, the most important part of FUNCTIONAL
  • An enhanced human-canine bond
  • New opportunities for amazing outdoor adventures
  • A positive, comfortable, compassionate experience for humans and inquisitive canines alike – together we’re changing the culture of dog walking and training!
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