TransPaw Gear® Happy Harness™

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The TransPaw Gear® Happy Harness is our uniquely designed, patent pending, multi-functional dog harness that promotes the welfare and safety of dogs while providing an innovative product for pet parents, dog lovers, and animal advocates. Multiple attachment points for the leash, escape-proof, easy to adjust for a custom fit, designed for freedom of movement – and, it’s water-friendly!



The TransPaw Gear® Happy Harness is our uniquely designed, patent pending, multi-functional dog harness that promotes the welfare and safety of dogs, while providing an innovative product for pet parents, dog lovers, and animal advocates.

Features and  benefits are:

  • Front clip: Helps to decrease pulling
  • Back clip: Walking & other activities
  • Adjustable straps: Comfortable canine fit, easy for humans to put on their dogs
  • Upper front legs: Special support
  • Shoulders: Custom secure fit

Built into every harness is:

  • FUN, the most important part of FUNCTIONAL
  • An enhanced human-canine bond
  • New opportunities for amazing outdoor adventures
  • A positive, comfortable, compassionate experience for humans and inquisitive canines alike – together we’re changing the culture of dog walking and training!
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Sizing Chart

Harness SizeFront Opening CircumferenceGirth Opening CircumferenceChest Plate LengthBack Plate LengthChest Plate Width (at D-ring)
XS11″ – 14″13″ – 19″5″4″1.5″
S13″ – 15″15″ – 19″5″4″4″
M16″ – 18″19″ – 25″9″6″4″
L16″ – 22″23″ – 31″11″7″4″
XL18″ – 24″26″ – 37″13″8″4″

4 reviews for TransPaw Gear® Happy Harness™

  1. Linda

    TransPaw harness is perfect for my 2 Min Pins! It provides security for both of them and me. My female Min Pin, Penny, is a contortionist and get out of any harness except TransPaw. When we walk, we feel confident, safe and proud and that is worth the price.

  2. Peter

    We have a very active, energetic Australian shepherd that was constantly pulling at the leash no matter what we did. After putting the Transpaw harness on her the problem disappeared. We just use the eye ring below her neck to attach the leash to. It was a simple as that. We now all enjoy our walks much more now.

  3. Tim

    I’ve been so pleased with the purchase of this harness. As a dog trainer, I frequently fit dogs with harnesses and I’ve examined many. Some wear our fast, others fit the dogs in uncomfortable spots or pull in ways that concern me about the long-term impact on the dog. The TransPaw harness is perfect in these regards. My own dog now wears hers everywhere we go on leash and I can’t possibly offer a higher endorsement than to put it on my own pup.

  4. Harriet

    I wish I had known about this harness before wasting money on 2 others my terrier hated. Since she has been wearing the happy harness walking is easier and I don’t feel like I am hurting her pulling on her collar. She wears it all day and is fine. My neighbors have asked where I got it and I always tell them transpaw gear.

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