January is National Train Your Dog Month

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Did you know that January is the Association of Professional Dog Trainers’ National Train Your Dog Month? Of course, training and enriching your dog’s life should be a year-round practice, but we wanted to take this opportunity to highlight some resources related to training and dog behavior.

Check out these recent training posts from our blog:

If you want more quality blog content, Happy Harness inventor Joan Hunter Mayer, a certified professional dog trainer, blogs as part of her training and behavior business, Inquisitive Canine. Some of our recent favorites include her list of Top Tips to Make Training Your Dog a Breeze and Dealing with Cujo Canine, which addresses a reader’s question about how to enjoy walks with her new German Shepherd. In fact, the whole Inquisitive Canine blog is chockfull of useful information for dog lovers!

If you’ve decided you’re ready to take your dog’s training to the next level, or you’ve resolved to tackle that pesky behavior challenge you’ve been avoiding, January is the time to do it! When she isn’t inventing the best dog walking harness in the world, Joan Hunter Mayer provides training and behavior consults in the Santa Barbara area, and worldwide via virtual dog coaching and training.

Ready to get training, but need some inspiration? Check out Canine Enrichment for the Real World, a new book from Dogwise Publishing, for tons of great ideas for expanding your dog’s brain via enrichment. You can also check out Kikopups on YouTube for a nearly endless supply of training videos.

No matter how you mark National Train Your Dog Month, we hope January is full of adventures and fun for you and your canine companions!

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