Disclaimer/Caution With Use/Warranty

The TransPaw Gear® Happy Harness™ is intended for walking and managing domestic dogs while on a leash. They are not designed or intended for restraining a dog in a vehicle, or use with other animals or activities not listed. We advise using with caution, keeping your pet safe at all times.

TransPaw Gear® Happy Harness Guarantee

TransPaw Gear® Pet Halter HarnessTransPaw Gear goes to great lengths to ensure our products are of the highest quality in both materials, design, and functionality. TransPaw Gear provides a one year warranty from purchase date against defects in manufacturing and workmanship.

TransPaw Gear will gladly refund or replace products should there be any manufacturing defects for up to one year from original purchase date.

Please note, our guarantee covers manufacturing and material defects only and does not include damage caused by misuse or improper use of the product, including a duel-leash system (using leashes attached at the front and back D-rings simultaneously). TransPaw Gear will also not cover damage caused by normal, everyday use, fire or other natural disasters, chewing, or if any alterations or modifications were made by the customer.