You have questions about our dog walking harness and we have answers! Some of the commonly asked questions about our comfort dog harness are below. If you don’t see the information you’re looking for, feel free to contact us directly.

What makes your dog walking harness so different than all the others? Why should I buy this one?

This has been one of the more commonly asked questions, especially during the prototype development phase. We know there are a lot of other dog walking harnesses on the market – some that are quite nice. But, as nice as they are, to us they really weren’t as fully functional as we wanted. Sometimes we wanted to attach the leash to the front of the dog, sometimes we wanted to go the traditional route. (No pun intended). We got tired of re-dressing our dogs. The other issues we had were that other dog walking harnesses are usually constructed of straps and buckles, with no protection from rubbing, chafing, and irritation. Worse, strap-based harnesses can be relatively easy for dogs to wriggle out of. We wanted to address these concerns and more.

How is the pet harness sized and fit?

Our TransPaw Gear® harnesses comes in a range of five sizes, from XS through XL. The best way to determine the best size for your dog is to use a cloth measuring tape to calculate measurements for the front opening and girth of your dog, and then compare the results to the harness sizes outlined in the Harness Fitting and Care section. As for “dressing” your dog, open the harness buckles, secure around your dog while making sure the handle is between his or her shoulder blades, attach the buckles, and adjust the straps for a custom fit.

How come the price of the XS dog harness is the same as the XL?

We know! You’d think XS dog harness would have a lower price point because the smaller dog harnesses require less material to create. Guess what? That’s true. However, it takes twice as long to manufacture them! Those itty-bitty pieces, tight curves, and slimmer edges to sew around take longer to produce, and so the pricing for XS dog harness and XL dog harness are the same.

Where can I purchase a TransPaw Gear® harness?

Currently, our TransPaw Gear® dog walking harness are being offered only through only our website. If you’re a retailer wanting to place a wholesale order, please contact us directly to discuss.

What's with the name TransPaw Gear? What does it mean?

During the early harness development stages, founder Joan Hunter Mayer was giving an impromptu “pitch” to some colleagues. The multifunctional harness she’d been so hard at work on, however, had no official name. In a lightbulb moment, it occurred to her that the main function of the harness would be to “transport dogs on-the-go.” Transportation became transpawtation…and thus the name was formed.

Sometimes the harness looks loose on the front of my dog's chest. What's up with that?

During prototype testing, we noticed that sometimes the harness appeared loose, but it was actually sufficiently snug and is not an impediment to the dog’s movement or functionality of the harness. Comfort and effectiveness are our top priorities, so you can rest assured that even if the harness appears slightly loose, it is in fact a “normal” fit.

Where is the TransPaw Gear® harness made?

We are happy to say the TransPaw Gear® harness is made here in the U.S.A. Rancho Cucamonga, California to be exact.

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