Doggy Date Night – 12 Ideas for Making it a Pawfect Evening

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Doggy Date Night. Yep – that’s a thing. And according to the website,, this year that celebration falls on February 3rd. Perhaps you already spend many (okay fine, most) nights curled up in front of the tv with your canine bestie. But, as Valentine’s Day approaches and our thoughts turn to all things heartfelt, wouldn’t it be fun to celebrate the unconditional love our dogs share with us throughout the whole year?

Ringo, All Dressed for Date Night!

Doggy Date Night, as the website explains, is an opportunity to go “beyond the standard walks and couch snuggles and make an event out of it to make your pooch feel special!” And while it all may seem a bit silly at first, think about all the times, and all the ways, your pup makes you feel special … and then get to planning the pawfect date night. Here are some ideas to get you started:

🍁 Plan an outdoor adventure with your dog. Prepare for warmer and cooler weather depending on the time of day. Already enjoying outdoor adventures? Mix it up by reversing your usual course or playing “manners games” along your route. 

🌅 In the evening, grab some food to go and sit and watch the sunset while pup sits next to you. Consider bringing your dog’s meal to go too! Feeding him with an enrichment toy or just reinforcing behaviors you like (sitting next to you with distractions) can enhance your time together and build skills too! 

🐾 Take your pup to a new place. Be prepared by bringing treats and having the perfect equipment for walking.

🎾 Simply spend some quality time together, perhaps a game of fetch or teaching a new trick. 

🐕 Arrange a safe cue-free zone. Take your dog on a walk where you’re not telling him what to do. Let him do what he wants for a few seconds, few minutes, a half hour – or an hour! 

🚗 Take a nice ride in the car. (But don’t expect your pal to be the DD!) 

✍️ Write out 5 things you love and appreciate about your dog and post them around the house to remind you of the bond you share.

🐶 Arrange a socially distanced walk with another dog – a double date!

🛍 Take your buddy shopping for some new pet supplies. 

🐕‍🦺 Go on a Sniffari. 

📸 Now that our phones have incredible cameras, take some new portrait shots. Consider dressing up your pet (if it’s not stressful) to capture some more playful shots – and maybe a few giggles. 

Most of all, have fun with your pet!

Here’s to unleashing adventures and harnessing fun with your Best Fur Friend (BFF) on Doggy Date Night!

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