Dog Training Made Simple – 4 Small Steps for Big Wins

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How do you make the most out of your canine-centric adventures, especially while balancing life, health, and safety? With most everything we do and learn, small steps can make the biggest impact. Here are four tips to ensure your outings can be a walk in the park! 

Tip #1: Teach dogs what you want them TO do, then reward them for it. If dogs don’t know what it is we want from them, how are they supposed to know what the better choice is? It’s up to us to teach them these life skills. 

Toaster’s guardian is teaching her to walk nicely on leash,
rewarding her in the position she wants. 

Tip #2: Determine what you want your dog doing in a given situation. Envision this behavior in your mind. Be ready to capture it when it happens and then reward him for doing it! Petting, praise, a round of tug, and/or a treat to tell him “Yes! That’s what I want!” can work wonders.

Peyton’s guardian envisioned him lying down in a relaxed position with distractions around him. Perfect for when going on adventures out and about. 

Tip #3: No time to teach or train? That’s okay! And, that’s real life. Sometimes we don’t have the time or patience that day. But, we can still make a big difference by managing our dogs’ environments, to help prevent them from performing behaviors we don’t want.

Instead of taking Archie onto the beach for off-leash adventures in the sand and water, his guardian thought it’d be best to practice basic manners and enjoy the view from a distance.

Tip #4: Interrupt and redirect! This mantra can be used for when your dog is doing something you’d prefer him not to do. Gently and lovingly interrupt him, ask him to do something you do want, then reward him for that instead. Dogs will soon learn which behaviors are more beneficial to them!

Blue the puppy is busy investigating his new world. But, tree branches might not be the best chew toy. His guardian asked him nicely to exchange it for one of his own toys. This allows him to still be a puppy, but in a safer way. 

Here’s to unleashing adventures and harnessing fun! And, keeping it simple!

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