Dog Harness Selection Made Simple

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Dog harness shopping for your precious pup can be easier than you might think. Yes- there are lots of options out there. But, you can ask yourself a few basic questions when selecting a harness and you’ll quickly see the number of good options dwindle, making the selection process simple:

  • Question 1: Is there pet gear that is versatile enough for any adventures that come our way or will I need different harnesses for different leash attachment options? 
  • Question 2: What features allow for an adjustable custom fit that will help prevent my dog from slipping it off or wriggling out of it? 
  • Question 3: What features will keep my dog comfortable and secure?
  • Question 4:  Is it simple to put on and take off my dog and easy to clean?
  • Question 5: Am I ready to unleash better adventures and harness more fun with my pup? 
TransPaw Gear Dog Harness Atributes

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