Creating a Pawsitive Cultural Shift

The social mission of TransPaw Gear® is to educate our customers on the importance of using humane, force-free products (like dog harnesses), and techniques when interacting with their canine companions. By offering high-quality products designed and built on the foundation of our philosophy, we empower dog owners to make better choices, enhancing the bond they have with their dog.

As a professional canine behavior consultant and owner of a successful dog training business, Joan has seen the unfortunate consequences of many traditional dog harnesses that are made from flimsy materials that chafe and irritate, have too many straps and bulky clips leading to poor fit, and only have one location to attach a leash, limiting walking options. These harnesses are often confusing for people to put on and take off their dogs.

Worse than that, according to the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior, punishment-based “training collars” (e.g., choke chains, electronic and pinch collars, etc.) are being used by people who are either misinformed or might be looking for a quick or “easy” way to modify their dog’s behavior. The use of this type of equipment can lead to a variety of adverse outcomes, including an increased risk of physical injuries, as well as behavioral issues.

While TransPaw Gear® ensures an easy, enjoyable, walking experience, it’s also our goal to help move society forward into a mutually respectful space between dogs and humans – thereby creating a pawsitive cultural shift. We hope that you join us in being a voice, hero, best friend, and advocate for all the dogs out there. 

Best Pet Harness You Can Buy to Be an Advocate

Guiding Principle #1: Be Their Advocate

Whether it’s an update to local dog park policies, adjustments to state laws, or dog-friendly regulations you want to see implemented in your community, be the canine-loving change you want to see in the world. Take pawsitive action.

Best Pet Harness You Can Buy to Be the VoiceGuiding Principle #2: Be Their Voice

Dogs have a lot to say, but often times no one is listening. Go beyond the bark to become proficient in the verbal and non-verbal ways canines communicate, so you can be their personal interpreter and give them a voice.

Be Their Best Fur FriendGuiding Principle #3: Be Their Best Fur Friend (BFF)

Sure dogs are humans best friends, but are you a BFF to your dog? Enhance your relationship by creating opportunities to unleash adventures and harness fun from your inquisitive canine’s point of view. Explore dog-friendly places in your own town and neighborhood, and take the initiative to create in-home activities that are enjoyable to you both.

Best Pet HarnessGuiding Principle #4: Be their Hero

Knowledge is power – not just for humans, but also for dogs. Beyond obedience and life skills, there are amazing opportunities for your inquisitive canine to expand his or her horizons. This includes becoming a therapy dog, a search and rescue canine, or special detection dog. Dog sports and specialty courses can help improve your dog’s physical and mental well-being, as well as help strengthen the bond you share. Broadening your dog’s horizons will make you his or her hero.