Creating a Pawsitive Cultural Shift

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Creating a Positive Cultural ShiftThe TransPaw Gear team is back from Clicker Expo in Seattle, and brimming with energy from being around so many wonderful dog pros and enthusiasts. It really reminded us why we got into the harness business in the first place: to change dogs’ lives!

That’s right, harnesses aren’t just about dogs being safe, under our control, or looking good (although the Happy Harness does all of those things too!). Happy Harness inventor Joan Hunter Mayer decided to create a better dog walking harness as part of a revolution we call a Pawsitive Cultural Shift. Part of the mission of TransPaw Gear is to spread the word about the importance of using humane, force-free products (like pet harnesses) and techniques when interacting with dogs.

Offering a high-quality pet harness that is comfortable for the dog and easy for the human (and versatile!) allows us to empower dog owners to expand their dogs’ horizons via adventures and fun together. This enhances the bond between them.

You can read more about the Pawsitive Cultural Shift on the TransPaw Gear website, but in short, it includes four guiding principles:

  1. Be their advocate. Dogs can’t vote or carry signs at protest rallies, but their humans can! Get involved in local and regional causes that improve the lives of animals.
  2. Be their voice. Our dogs can’t talk, so they trust us to speak up for them!
  3. Be their best fur friend. Do things together that you both will enjoy.
  4. Be their hero. Giving your dog opportunities to let their individual light shine will make you a hero in their eyes!

Yes, believe it or not, a proper fitting dog walking harness can be the launching point for all of those things!

We are feeling re-energized to spread the word in 2020, and we hope you are too. Here’s to unleashing adventures, harnessing fun, and shifting the culture for the benefits of our canine companions.

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