TransPaw Gear Little Black Harness

The Little Black Harness

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In 1926, the cover of Vogue magazine featured the first “little black dress” designed by Coco Chanel and ushered in the endless reign of a fashion staple.  The little black dress (LBD) has grown to become a fashion staple that symbolizes … Read More
TransPaw Dog Harness Whitney

TransPaw Gear® Ambassadog Program

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Nothing makes us happier than seeing how you and your dog unleash adventures and harness fun together! Here are some shots from some of our Ambassadogs who shared their fun photos with us! If you love your Happy Harness, send … Read More
TransPaw Gear on BARKS Podcast

TransPaw Gear on BARKS Podcasts

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This week, TransPaw Gear inventor and Certified Professional Dog Trainer Joan Hunter Mayer had the pleasure of being interviewed by Niki Tudge, owner and founder of The Pet Professional Guild and BARKS Podcasts. During the interview, Niki asked some great … Read More
National Train Your Dog Month

January is National Train Your Dog Month

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Did you know that January is the Association of Professional Dog Trainers’ National Train Your Dog Month? Of course, training and enriching your dog’s life should be a year-round practice, but we wanted to take this opportunity to highlight some … Read More

Mastering the Art of Loose-Leash Walking: Part 1

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Walking your dog should be fun and enjoyable for all. Loose-leash walking (LLW) means your dog is calmly walking near you on leash while still being allowed to explore, sniff and enjoy the outdoors within the leash length, without pulling, tugging or lunging. As we all know, this can be challenging for many dogs, especially… Read More

Harnessing Your Dog’s Motivation

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What’s My Motivation? Successful positive reinforcement begins with discovering what motivates your dog. Whether it’s food, toys or real-life rewards like sniffing a favorite tree, the common denominator is that good motivators encourage learning and participation because they are things your dog enjoys. Providing anything your dog finds rewarding helps establish a more enjoyable learning… Read More

Why Choose a Harness for Your Dog?

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The amount of dog gear for sale can make a pet parent’s head spin! Harnesses are a commonly chosen item, but do you even know why people choose harnesses over collars for attaching the leash on walks and adventures? And how do you choose the right harness for your pet?… Read More