Mastering the Art of Loose-Leash Walking: Part 1

Walking your dog should be fun and enjoyable for all. Loose-leash walking (LLW) means your dog is calmly walking near you on leash while still being allowed to explore, sniff and enjoy the outdoors within the leash length, without pulling, tugging or lunging. As we all know, this can be challenging for many dogs, especially

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Harnessing Your Dog’s Motivation

What’s My Motivation? Successful positive reinforcement begins with discovering what motivates your dog. Whether it’s food, toys or real-life rewards like sniffing a favorite tree, the common denominator is that good motivators encourage learning and participation because they are things your dog enjoys. Providing anything your dog finds rewarding helps establish a more enjoyable learning

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Selecting and Fitting a TransPaw Gear Dog Harness

Choosing the Right Size Dog Walking Harness Need help selecting the correct size of dog walking harness? Our size chart will help. Use a cloth measuring tape to measure for the neck strap and girth (chest) strap. Take the neck strap measurement below where your dog’s collar would sit, right around where their neck meets

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