About TransPaw Gear

The Best Pet Harness for Compassionate Pet Parents

TransPaw Gear believes in unleashing adventures and harnessing fun!

TransPaw Gear is a small but mighty operation based in Santa Barbara, California. It was founded and is  operated by Joan Hunter Mayer, an entrepreneur, innovator, certified professional dog trainer, and dog mom.

Working professionally for years with dogs and their humans is what inspired Joan to begin her journey as a dog harness inventor. Joan realizes that pets and people adventuring together is beneficial to the dog-human bond. She envisioned creating and providing the best dog harness for compassionate pet parents was and still is an important step in promoting a cultural shift towards humane, ethical, force-free dog-centric adventures.

When the time came to make that kernel of an idea into a reality, Joan started looking at what it would take to develop a dog harness that actually had everything: functionality, ease of use, sturdiness, and safety, as well as a sleek design.

Today, by offering high-quality products designed and built on the foundation of her company culture, Joan and her amazing team empower dog guardians to make choices that enhance the bonds they share with their pets.

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