About TransPaw Gear®

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The Best Pet Harness for Compassionate Pet Parents

We are on a mission to empower dogs and humans to have a deeper, more connected relationship – one pet harness at a time.

Walking together is one of the most basic activities inquisitive canines and the people who love them do together. Yet pet gear is often is ill-fitting, uncomfortable, hard to put on, and worse – even cruel.

Founder, certified professional dog trainer, certified canine behavior consultant, and dog mom, Joan Hunter Mayer has spent more than five years developing the TransPaw Gear® harness, the best dog harness on the market.

The TransPaw Gear® Happy Harness combines safety, ease of use, and comfort so inquisitive canines and their loving humans together can unleash adventures and harness fun.

It features a front clip that can help decrease pulling, as well as a back clip to support active walking outdoors and other vigorous physical activities. The special support feature for the dog’s upper front legs and the custom fit for your pet’s shoulder are beneficial for our furry friends.

FUN is the most important part of being FUNctional! The features of this harness can lead to an enhanced human-canine bond, giving you and your dog many opportunities for amazing outdoor adventures.

Get ready to enjoy a positive, comfortable, compassionate experience for humans and inquisitive canines alike! Together we’re changing the culture of dog walking and training!